HOPE: Healthy Options for Patient Empowerment

Diabetes Care, Education, and Support Schedule

Additional programs will be added as needed. Check back often.

All programs are at Great Plains Diabetes, 834 N. Socora, lower level.

Continuous Glucose Sensors (CGM): 

Available for diagnostic wear. If a patient meets insurance criteria, they can wear a glucose sensor for five to seven days. Staff can provide interpretation or send reports to other health professionals for interpretation. Education available for those using personal

To schedule an appointment or for
more information: call 316-440-2802 or email nurse@greatplainsdiabetes.com.

Gestational Diabetes Education (By Appointment Only)

Basic nutrition information, importance of glucose
control in pregnancy, glucose meter instruction, post pregnancy follow up/diabetes prevention information. Advanced registration not necessary. Please call with basic patient information. Attendance of “Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity” class recommended.


Living with Diabetes Series

This series is offered on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday afternoon for clinic patients who are also receiving diabetes care in the clinic by Belinda Childs APRN and Amanda Ast APRN. A medical visit accompanies these education opportunities.

  • Topics on the 2nd Wednesday afternoon of the month includes Healthy Eating, Being Physically Active and Healthy Coping.

  • Topics on the 4th Wednesday afternoon of the month includes Taking Medication, Monitoring, Reducing Risks, and Problem Solving. 

Medication and blood glucose review at each session.
Most insurance accepted. Ongoing communication with primary care provider. Individual appointments available.

Session instructors: Lisa Molt, RN; Belinda Childs, APRN,
CDE; Diana Guthrie, PhD, RN, CDE; Amanda Ast, APRN, BC-ADM, guest dietitians.

Amanda Ast APRN is a certified pump trainer for Omnipod and Tandem. She also was the first health care provider in a four state region certified to implant the Eversense Glucose sensor.