We are partnering with Vigilias/Freestate Health which
is a group of physicians who are dedicated to providing health care services to
those in rural communities.

We are offering diabetes care and education for
individuals who are new to our services and former MidAmerica Diabetes
Associate patients who attended outreach clinics. 

To schedule an appointment: 

call(316) 670-3800  |  (888) 505-1776  or go to: 


Please note when scheduling if you have previously
been seen at Great Plains Diabetes or MidAmerica Diabetes in the past. 

If you are a new patient we will need your last year
of prior lab work and last visit documenation from your primary care provider
prior to the appointment.

We appreciate at least two weeks of self blood glucose
monitoring records prior to the scheduled visit. If you are on an insulin pump
or glucose sensor we would like at least two weeks of “pump/sensor”
download information prior to the appointment. 

You can learn more about Freestate Health at www.freestatedirect.com

A list of clinics is online at their website.